Polished Gloss Finish

This is a high gloss and reflective surface finish that brings out the colors in marble.

Polishing a natural stone finish involves grinding, sanding and buffing the stone to a high-gloss, mirror-like surface. A polished finish is very smooth and reflective. Its high gloss comes from finishing the stone with diamond discs, and other buffers and polishes.

This is very common selection for stone finishing. In fact, the sleek, shiny surface of polished marble makes this type of finish the most popular marble finish in building industry.

In this type of finishing, surface is brilliant and shiny with a mirror effect. It cause the most refined edge for tiles, since the process of polishing is by repeated application of abrasive treatments. This type of finishing is suitable for almost all kinds of stones. This is very regular finishing especially in Iranian stone factories. Polished tiles are used for interiors as well as bench top and counter top, but it is not suggested for outdoor since it reduces slip resistance.

Polished marble works well in both contemporary and traditional settings. Not only is the polished finish versatile, but it also makes the marble less porous and easier to maintain than other floor finishes.

Although polished surfaces are used very often in exterior and interior wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, kitchen and bath countertops, however, keep in mind that polished floors do tend to show scratches, so it might not be the best finish for busy families with kids, or for homeowners whose pets have sharp nails. Plus, the sleek surface can be slippery when wet, so think twice before using polished stone on areas like the bathroom floor.

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