Four Grades of Marble and their Pricing

Four Grades of Marble and their Pricing


Four Grades of Marble and their Pricing

Four grades of marble and their pricing is the main focus of the present passage. Loved by millions of homeowners across the world, marble countertops are a stylish addition to any home. The differences in colors and patterns are literally endless. An exceptionally durable natural stone, marble countertops are an investment for homeowners and fabricators alike. Whether you’re purchasing from slab market to increase your inventory or selling stone slabs, it’s important to understand how the stone is graded.


Marble Quality and Pricing

Marble quality affects the pricing of the material. What few people know is that marbles are available in grades that ultimately defines its price. Choosing the right grade ensures that your marble remains long lasting across the years.


Marble Grading

Marble has a generally softer hardness compared to other natural stones, which makes it susceptible to chipping and cracks when subjected to blunt force or impact. Additionally, the natural veining found on marble slabs can differ greatly without any real implication on its quality. In fact, the value of marble is based on two things, the color quality, and supply and demand. Each supplier and manufacturer follow their own criterion of assessment and there is no universal rule. 


Four Grades of Marble

Most of the time, buyers must rely on the suppliers’ assessment. However, there are some physical signs to look out for that can provide a general idea of its grade. It is important to keep a lookout for them to ensure that you are receiving quality that you paid for. There are 4 grades for marbles and each one is based on the degree of blemishes displayed on the material. 


Commercial Quality

This is the lowest quality of marble that is commercially available at the lowest cost. They usually exhibit obvious discoloration and patches of odd veins/colors with a rough uneven appearance. Marbles found in the commercial grade are usually processed into tiles, and mainly used for Low cost commercial and residential buildings which have little need for high aesthetic quality.


Standard Quality

Standard quality Marbles offer a more presentable appearance than commercial grade variants and cost slightly more. Marbles may contain slight flaws, which may be concealed by professional fabricators. Discoloration, flakes and other blemishes are less visible along with a generally smoother surface compared to commercial quality marbles. Marbles of the standard grade are usually processed as tiles and slabs, general uses include flooring, kitchen countertops and sinks, which instantly add luxury to residences.


Four Grades of Marble and their Pricing
Four Grades of Marble and their Pricing


Second Choice Grade

Second only to Second Grade marbles in terms of quality and pricing, these materials exhibit fewer physical flaws than commercial and standard variants. However, some blemishes can still be spotted in pitting and dry veining, which suggest the flawed areas that fabricators have overlaid with extraneous material. Surfaces are smooth with cleaner and more uniform color variation compared to lower grade marbles. These marbles are usually processed into slabs , that are then cut to size based on your requirements, it’s mainly used for mid to high end commercial and residential buildings for all interior applications, flooring, walls, countertops and vanities.


First Choice Grade

The perfectly processed and priciest marbles fall under this category. They are usually preferred by bon vivant clients who seek the most out of marble designs. First choice marbles are stunning pieces for home architectural designs. These marbles portray the best image of that particular type of marble, it’s usually uniform in color with minimal blemishes.


Never Buy Based on a Small Sample

Marble is a product of nature. Each slab or tile is unique. This is what makes marble so beautiful, however the sample you see might not be the same as the slab or tile you receive, it might be better or worse. A sample is only an indication of the overall look of a marble type.  Always ask to see the slabs before buying. Seeing the slabs will give you a better idea of what you will actually get . 


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