Iranian Stones Introduction According to Source and Quarry

Iranian Stones Introduction According to Source and Quarry

Iranian Stones Introduction According to Source and Quarry

Stones Types Introduction

Stones Types Based on Shape


Definition of Natural Stone

All stones that are extracted from natural quarry and used after productivity are called natural stones. These stones are named in various categories, and sometimes the stone quarry name is used as its name. Such as:

  • River rocks
  • Rocks
  • Carcass stones
  • Layered rocks


Definition of Artificial Stone

All the stones that are made by humans in the factory and by combining different materials are known as artificial stones. Namely:

  • Qawara
  • Ruling
  • Dutish
  • Multiple views
  • multi-dimensional
  • Palk (board)
  • Windbreaker


Classification of Building Stones Based on Formation Source

  • Mountain mix
  • River mix
  • Granites
  • Sandstones
  • Limestones
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Clay rocks
  • Gypsum stone


Classification of Building Stones Based on Quarry

Igneous Rocks:

  • Khurmadreh chocolate granite
  • Piranshahr Zafra green granite
  • Birjand green granite
  • Cotton flower granite in Hamedan, Kerman, Marwarid Mashhad, Takab, Shirkoh, Yazd, Jokar, Borujerd, Zahedan
  • Natanz white granite
  • Natanz black granite
  • Black granite in Tuisarkan, Chayan, Hamedan, Natanz, Piranshahr and Alamut
  • Yazd and Isfahan Red granite
  • Karam Nehbandan granite
  • Color plain granite


Examples of Metamorphic Rocks:

  • Lalshe
  • Lalshe Isfahan
  • Black Najafabad
  • Khoramabad gem marble
  • Red Sanandaj
  • Abadeh cream or pink marble
  • Kerman marble
  • Bejastan pink marble
  • Josheghan marble
  • Marmarit Khor
  • Clay marble
  • Bojan marble
  • Shiraz Gandamak marble
  • Kashmir marble
  • Chinese Karveh
  • Karveh crystal porcelain
  • Tabriz white porcelain
  • Chinese oligoders
  • Chinese Azna
  • Laybeed Cloudy white porcelain
  • Sirjan White porcelain


Examples of Sedimentary Rocks:

  • Badbar Isfahan
  • Joshghan marble windbreaker
  • Karam Natanz travertine
  • Azarshahr lemon travertine
  • Mako lemon travertine
  • Isfahan lemon travertine
  • Azarshahr red travertine
  • Chocolate travertine
  • Ax white travertine

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