Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble

Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble


Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble

Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble will be discussed in this passage. Pietra Grey or Grey Pietra also known as gray marble is one of the most popular Iranian (Persian) natural stones. Niayesh Stone provides and supplies Pietra Gray Marble tiles, slabs and blocks. Grey Pietra with a black grayish background and white layers on its surface is among the famous Iranian marbles which are often used in lobbies of hotels, facades, floors of restaurants and public places in the world.


Pietra Gray Applications

Lobbies, around columns, and interior views are among the most important places where Grey Pietra Marble is widely used, but on the other hand, construction of a variety of luxury and decorative items is one of applications of this marble.


Pietra Gray Properties

Water absorption of this stone is very low and it has a high resistance to wear and processing. Pietra Grey Marble is now the architects’ one of the most favorite stones for designing bathrooms and kitchens in the world. Due to the obvious properties of this stone, in terms of resistance and low percentage of water absorption rate and its chemical analysis, it is one of the few stones used in different parts of a project. Including outdoor landscaping as Bush Hammered, outdoor space, floor, walls, countertops, stairs and etc.


Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble
Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble


Advantages of Pietra Gray Marble

Here are some more advantages of Pietra Gray Marble:


Being Famous and Branded

This marble is one of the branded marbles in the world and is available in our showrooms and most of the world’s showrooms and slab storages.


Variety of Process

Another advantage of this stone is the ability to apply a variety of process methods. These methods include polished, brushed, honed, sandblast, bush hammered and etc.


Mass Production

The other advantage of Pietra Gray Marble is the high and extensive reserve of the quarries which covers any size projects.


Pietra Grey Ideal for Interior Design

Pietra Grey is ideal for spaces where one wishes to opt for the application of dark natural stone, but without resorting to black marble. It provides a high dose of sophistication to outstanding walls in large residential and hotel projects. To see and learn more about Pietra Gray Marble, visit our product page.

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