Grey Lashotor: Well-Known Iranian Marble

Grey Lashotor: Well-Known Iranian Marble


Grey Lashotor: Well-Known Iranian Marble

Grey Lashotor is the most well-known Iranian marble in international stone market. Contractors love this marble and architectures and designers include it in their luxurious projects.


Lashotor Marble or Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey Marble or Lashotor Marble is one of the most famous stones in the world, known internationally as gray Pietra. Lashotor Marble is a marble that is extracted from Isfahan Lashotor Quarry and has a unique stunning design compared to other types of dark Iranian marbles such as black marble. After processing, this spectacular type of grey marble turns into blackish gray spectrum with white streaks. Lashotor Marble has a high degree of hardness; therefore, it is used for various purposes that we will discuss at the end of this article.


Grey Lashotor Well-Known Iranian Marble

Lashotor or Pietra Grey Marble is in the classification of marble stones and in terms of type of application, unlike other building stones that should not be used in the exterior of the building, this type of marble is widely used in the exterior of the building. This type of stone has very low water absorption. It is also considered as a high strength stone in terms of compressive strength.


Lashotor Marble Price

The price range for type of marble depends on various parameters. These parameters include color range, thickness, dimensions and sorting and the type of product processing should be considered. In terms of fabrication, whatever the dimensions tend to be larger, prices will go higher accordingly. Tiles are more economical than slabs. Small size slabs are more feasible than big size slabs. Contact us on whatsapp +98 9134449317 or via contact us page, to get your updated price list.


Lashotor Grey Marble

After processing and polishing, Lashotor Marble will have a grayish-black color range, which is also called Lashotor Grey Marble and Lashotor Black Marble. When processed as polished and in dimensions such as slabs, it will get the most variation. Marvelous polished slabs indicates thoroughly the famous grayish background spectrum decorated with delicate white veins.


Grey Lashotor: Well-Known Iranian Marble
Grey Lashotor: Well-Known Iranian Marble


Lashotor Ax Stone

This Marble can be processed into several finishes. One of the cases that was associated with the introduction of this type of marble at the beginning of the work and is still widely used in this type of processing is the Lashotor Ax Stone, which will be done both manually and with the machine. Although, this type is not very known in foreign markets, it is still very applicable. The reason for this kind of finishing is its beauty as well as non-slippery nature of Ax Stone finish in cases where it is used on the floor of public places.


Lashotor Marble Quarry

If you are also looking for the source of this product, you can find it in Isfahan province, Iran. Its quarry is located 35 to 40 km south of Isfahan and this has led to the largest production area in Isfahan province. You can contact our experts for more information from the contact us section.


Lashotor Marble Application

Lashotor Marble is commonly used in construction along with porcelain stone and is used in the construction of walls, floors and stairs. Besides, in some cases, this marble is used for the facades of buildings. However, we strongly recommend this for interior design architecture. For exterior, we suggest using this marble with a non-polished finish such as bush hammer or ax finishes. The use of lacquer marble in the facade of the building creates a stunning effect and many architects are interested in it.


Final Statement

Although Lashotor marble can be used for a variety of purposes, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. This stone highlights the objects around it perfectly well, due to its darkness. Thus, it is highly recommended for use in areas with high light and relatively large size.

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