Grey Marble Finish Types

Grey Marble Finish Types


Grey Marble Finish Types

Pietra Grey Marble known also as Shakespeare Marble is absolutely desired in international markets. Thanks to its natural origins and elegance, Pietra Grey Marble allows every designer or architecture to create a wide range of environments with unbeatable beauty and character. The secret of beauty of this marble lies in its appearance. That is because Pietra Grey is noted for its uniform graphite grey tones, as well as its thin white streaks that are scattered throughout.


Pietra Grey Marble Design Possibilities

There is a wide range of possibilities available for this grey colored marble when designing different types of environments such as Minimalist, Contemporary, Modern classical, Industrial, etc. Another remarkable feature is its capacity to create encompassing spaces that are full of magnetism


Pietra Grey Marble Origin

Pietra Grey is extracted from quarries located in Iran, more specifically in Isfahan, Province. The quarry is in an area known as Lashotor. That’s the reason that local people call it Lashotor Marble as well. Pietra Grey Marble is classified at source depending on its tone and the amount of streaks it comprises. After the selection is completed, it is then distributed to the world in the form of blocks, slabs or tiles.



Grey Marble Finish Types
Grey Marble Finish Types


Pietra Grey Marble Uses 

Although Pietra Grey can be used for diverse purposes, it is more ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, wall coverage, lobbies, restaurants and living rooms. In the last case, it will be perfect to highlight the lines and shapes of any objects placed in its surroundings. Due to its darker tones, it is recommended only for use in areas with plenty of lighting and rather large in size. Otherwise, it will dampen the sense of amplitude. In addition to floor and wall tiling, it can also be part of any kitchen and bathroom in the form of a basin, sink, splash back or worktop.


Grey Marble Color Neutrality

Thanks to the marble tone which is neutral, it can be easily combined with different tones and also materials. As a matter of example, a Pietra Grey table top can be combined with beige colors resulting in a cosy living room with a modern touch.


Pietra Grey Marble Finish Types

Pietra Grey Marble is available in the following finishes:


Polished Finish Marble

A polished finish is smooth, shiny, and glossy. It creates a high end and luxurious feel. Polishing natural stone actually creates a barrier that helps protect the stone from stains. On the other end, polished stone is prone to scratches and scratches are more visible due to the reflective property of the finish. Polished finishes are not suggested for high traffic areas due to the high visibility of wear and tear. It is also not recommended for floors that are prone to get wet, such as the bathroom. Polished floors are extremely slippery when wet and can be hazardous. Polished finishes are ideal for powder rooms, countertops, walls, and fireplaces.


Honed Finish Marble

A honed finish has a satin-like feel that is velvety and smooth to the touch. Honed finishes are not reflective and shiny like polished finishes are. Honed finishes are ideal for high use areas due to being visually scratch resistant. Because the finish is not glossy, scratches are not as visible. On the other hand, honed finishes do not have the natural barrier that polished stone does, so it will absorb liquids more quickly and easily. Besides hiding scratches better than polished stone, honed finishes are also a lot less slippery than polished stone when wet making is a safer option for floors. It is suggested for use in high traffic areas such as bathroom floors, living area floors, foyer floors, and countertops.


Brushed Finish Marble

Brushed finish is obtained by applying hard plastic or metal brushes to the stone surface.  The heavily action removes the softer part of the stone and wears out the surface, giving it a look similar to that of antique finishing.


Bush-hammered Finish Marble

Bush-hammering is done by hammering the stone with a series of steel points to break up the surface and create a pitted look. Similar to the flamed finish above, bush-hammering is a technique for creating highly slip-resistant surfaces. Like all the processes, it can be done to a greater or lesser degree. It can also be used to recreate the look of a medieval finish, as though the stone had been chiseled by hand centuries ago. A final gentle brushing with steel brushes then gives it the time-worn look.


Flamed Finish Marble

A flamed finish is created by passing an oxy-acetylene torch over the surface of the stone and then following it immediately with a cold pressurized jet of water to fracture the top surface of the stone. On some types of stone, such as limestone and sandstone, it gives a non-slip surface which is ideal for terraces or public paved areas. This is a specialized technique and not all quarries have this equipment in their workshops.


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