Pietra Grey Marble Diverse Purposes

Pietra Grey Marble Diverse Purposes

Pietra Grey Marble Diverse Purposes

In this paper, uses and applications of Grey Pietra Marble will be vastly discussed. The first point is that as a marble, Grey Pietra Marble has many common features of the marble stones that is to be composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals and to be widely used in sculpture and as a building material.

Pietra Gray Marble, locally known as Lashotor marble, is a gorgeous, highly dense and resistant Iranian stone. Pietra Gray Marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones in the world. This is a grey gorgeous contemporary marble.

Pietra Grey Marble Names

Pietra Grey Marble is named differently in various parts of the world. Stone companies, contractors or dealers may call it Pietra Anthracite, Persian Marble, Bulgarian Marble, Shakespearian Marble, Anthracite Marble or Pietra Grey Anthracite. No matter what it is being called; this stunning staggering marble originates in Iran and is strongly rooted in ancient Persian history. You can see this easily in many monuments and sculptures built hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Pietra Grey Marble Popularity

Due to its luxury sensation and feasible prices, this amazing marble with warm grey-brown background and fine, white-feathered veining is very popular among building companies. Mainly available in polished, brushed and honed finishes, this bold aesthetically pleasing stone is popular amongst interior designers.

Unique, dynamic and one of kind, natural marble and stone has been coveted and treasured since the beginning of time. Grey Persian Marble is the best symbol of natural world beauty chanted and reflected in a small piece earth.  That’s the reason this marble is internationally well-known and applied in a vast number of building projects.

Pietra Grey in Interior Design

If you want your kitchen or bathroom to truly stand out, have you ever thought of Pietra Grey Marble. If you didn’t, we think you should give it a chance. Pietra grey is a great option for a feature wall or area of your next project. Grey Pietra is best suited for indoor application in medium to low traffic areas. Depending on the background color and the number of white lodes, this grayish-black marble can be classified into different sorts and grades. 

Lashotor Grey Marble has low water absorption as well as high abrasion resistance. As said in previous paper, this is one the main advantage of this marble, which makes it, one of the most appealing options for designers and architectures. Before going to the applications in details, let’s talk about the origin of this marble briefly.

A Brief Origin 

Pietra Gray Marble quarry, locally known as Lashotor quarry is located 35th kilometers of southern part of Isfahan province, Iran. Lashotor Quarry is reputed by its capacity that is monthly extraction of 3,000 tons and annual storage of 366,000 tons. This quarry is unbelievingly enormous and has a huge potential to be applied for many years to come. Thus, designers and architectures may include this marble in their projects with high levels of certainty and confidence. 

Pietra Grey Marble Applications

Pietra Grey Marble has many various applications. The application of this marble may be both in custom-size and regular size in the form of slab and tile. Technically, this marble has a high quality when cutting in the form of slab. Generally speaking, for walls and flooring installation; tiles and cut to the size types are mainly required. Slabs are more favored for back TV, lobbies and prestigious projects.

Accordingly, processing can be done in thickness 2 and 3 centimeters. Two centimeters are more common in stone and building industry and are to be used in 90 percent of the projects. Three centimeters have very few applications, mostly requested for countertops, steps, treads and risers.

To go a bit further, processing also influences the function and application of the marble. For instance, honed and polished Pietra Gray Marble is usually used as flooring in public spaces such as lobby, coffee shop, and cinema or in the bathroom or even in the living rooms. For flooring, honed and brushed finishes are preferred due to safety measures. On the other side, most advisors prohibit the use of polished marble flooring in the areas where foot slips are probable.

Common Uses of Grey Marble

Some popular common places of using Pietra Grey Marble includes: lobby of hotel, floor of restaurants, floor of WC, walls of the hotels, walls of the restaurants, walls of the malls, walls of the WCs, stairs, steps, risers, façade, exterior and interior executions, and public places to a large extent, vanity and kitchen counter tops for large-scale multifamily apartment, condominium and hotel projects.

Niayesh Stone offers a wide range of products and services. We provide Pietra Grey Marble blocks, slabs, and tiles and also cut to size slabs. In our factory, customers may choose different finishing, mainly polished, honed, brushed and bush-hammered. In addition, rare and dynamic, artisanal finishes including book-match and four-match offers are available for high-end luxury environments.

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