Lashotor Marble Processing Methods

Lashotor Marble Processing Methods


Methods of Lashotor Marble Processing 

Lashotor marble processing methods is to be discussed here. Lashotor Marble processing in Niayesh Stone includes Polished, Honed, Brushed, Bush-Hammered and Flamed Surface finish. We will go through them one by one.


Polished Lashotor Marble

In this case, the polished Lashotor Marble is obtained through the repeated application of abrasives upon the marble’s surface. This is a high gloss and reflective surface finish that brings out the colors in the marble. The surface is polished with fine abrasives, with the degree of polish determined by the natural marble’s mineral elements and texture. On the other hand, through polishing we also reduce the material’s porosity. Since polished marble surfaces do not provide sufficient grip, particularly when wet, they are particularly recommended for indoor use. Usually recommended for floor, wall and bench top coverings, polished stones are not usually recommended as external marble flooring due to their tendency to be slippery when wet.


Lashotor Honed 

Honed Lashotor Marble is created using different grades of abrasives under factory conditions. Honed marble is commonly used and recommended for internal floors and kitchen bench tops. This will provide a smooth matte to light sheen surface finish.


Brushed Lashotor Marble

To get the brushed look, we gently brush the surface of marble until it becomes textured. A brushed finish makes marble look like it was installed ages ago, giving it a natural and antique look. The result is a warm, aged worn look. However, brushed marble is more porous than polished and must be sealed frequently to resist staining. Brushed also needs to be swept or vacuumed frequently, because dust tends to collect in the textured surface.


Bush-Hammered Lashotor Marble

Bush-hammered Lashotor marble is achieved by the application of a hydraulic bush hammer to the surface. The appearance of the bush hammered finish is industrial, with a large number of close and small indents.




Flamed Lashotor Marble

The process involves a modification of the surface properties applying directly a flame. When the stone is being exposed to high temperatures, its outer layer explodes and becomes rough and wavy. For this purpose, oxy-propane torches inclined at 45° are used, they reach between 2500 °C and 2800 °C and are capable of causing numerous splinters to detach from the surface.


Origin of Lashotor Marble

Isfahan is one of the main centers of Iranian stone production. Lashotor Marble is one of its best stones. Lashotor quarry is located 35 km south of Isfahan in Lashotor Region.

When you fell in love with your favorite marble, you probably thought you’d made your last big decision, but choosing the natural stone you want is just one step in achieving your dream design. So give some thought to the finish that best fits your lifestyle and your design aesthetic, and pretty soon you will be walking barefoot on your own classic marble.

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