Many Uses of Natural Marble: From Basic to Advance

Many Uses of Natural Marble: From Basic to Advance

Many Uses of Natural Marble: From Basic to Advance

Many uses of natural stone from basic to advance are to be discussed here. Nature has bestowed upon us the incredible and most exquisite gift of natural stones. These beautiful natural stones add class to any space they are installed. For the natural stone lovers, there are many options to choose from. Various colors and textures of marbles catalogue for anyone who wishes to beautify their houses or workplaces.


Marble and Fashion Trends

We all like to stay in trend when it comes to fashion. But when it comes to our interior spaces, grey and black marble material are the stones that always stay in trend.  These colors matches easily and stain less.

In the year 2020, these natural stones are being looked upon once again to adorn the houses and workplaces. We have listed down the best and stunning options for your interior design.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen has moved from being that tiny room with limited space to a spacious open cooking area. Kitchens today are equipped for leisurely lunches and comforts of a living room. Oftentimes, the living room is merged with the kitchen. This new layout calls for a space that looks stylish, welcoming and yet comfortable. The interiors of a kitchen are centered around its’ countertop. Black, dark material such as marble makes a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops act as the focal point of the rest of the space. If that is classic then it changes the entire feel of your kitchen. Moreover, an important point of consideration is the durability of the material that is used for the kitchen countertops.


Flooring of a house or a workplace can give people a red carpet feel or otherwise. The flooring of a house gives the first impressions of what the interior may be like. Hence it becomes essential to lay a flooring that serves a dual purpose of style and durability. Marble is also a great option here.

Marble enjoys various shades and textures. These are considered to be the top choice for flooring. It exhibits strength and depth. The natural deep white shades of the marble make it an ideal flooring option for homes and offices. Marble flooring is never out of style. It is sturdy and can stand abrasion well. It requires an average upkeep and can be easily maintained.


The walls of your home play a major role in breathing life to the space. The walls can enhance or dampen the ambience of any space. So in order to create a welcoming, calm and yet sophisticated home or office space, you can add black granite or green marble panels on the walls. Based on the architecture and the language of the interiors of your home, the decision can be made from the choicest options available in both the categories.

You can also add a statement wall to your drawing or living room. It adds to the drama and breaks the monotony of painted walls. Good quality green marble and black granite can be ordered from any local or online granite or marble suppliers. Make sure you specify the purpose of your purchase, they will guide you well.


Fireplaces make an aesthetic addition to a home. Live or mock fireplaces make the space look regal. This is a practice that has been trending lately and is being adopted by architects and interior designers.

Marble is heat resistance and can be used for it. These natural stones have a quality to stand out with elegance. These make a great option for the fireplaces, whether mock or live.


Many Uses of Natural Marble: From Basic to Advance
Many Uses of Natural Marble: From Basic to Advance

Stay on Top with Quality Marble

A home with a good taste in aesthetics always remains the center of attraction. The use of marble tops in the interior trends for the year and what better place to find an array of natural stone for any of your requirements than Quality Marble. Since the days of Ancient Greece, marble has been used for very wide and varied purposes. These metamorphic rocks have been used to build both large scale architectural monuments as well as sculptures and decorative items. In this case, we will take you through a journey to see how marble evolves from a raw material to its different uses as a building material.

Marble Evolution

Its manufacturing process marble begins at the quarry where it is extracted in the shape of large blocks before being transported to the marble factory for their preparation. At the end of this process, we obtain slabs and tiles with measures that shall depend on their intended use. An example would be the marble slabs that measure approximately 250 x 150cm and that are used for the following purposes:

Kitchen and bathroom worktops


Floor tiling

Wall tiling

Below are other purposes and places that these marbles slabs and tiles can be used for.

Using Marble in the kitchen:

Marble is a very widely used material in kitchens and it is very commonly found as shown in the following cases:

Using Marble in the Worktops:

This is the working area where food is handled and prepared. For that reason, surfaces must be resistant and easy to clean. That is why marble is one of the most popular materials to be used in the manufacture of worktops.

Using Marble in Flooring:

Kitchen floors are usually very busy areas. Therefore, we must use materials that can withstand heavy footfall and that can be cleaned without issues.

Using Marble in the Walls:

Marble can convey its own character to any environment. That is why it is so commonly used in kitchens.

Usually, the marble tiles will be polished in order to achieve further shine and luminosity.

There are many reasons to use marble in your kitchen, including its high resistance and exclusivity due to its natural origin.

Using Marble in the Bathroom:

 Kitchens and bathrooms have many things in common when it comes to using marble as a building material. And by this we mean that it can be found both in floor as well as wall tiling, floor tiling, worktops and even sinks and basins. Resistance, durability and cleanliness are some of the reasons why we may decide to use marble in our bathroom.


Using Marble Indoors:

Your walls and floors will be imbued with the beauty and singularity of marble, which is available in different size formats. Below are some examples of different dimensions: 120×120 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×40 cm, 40×30 cm. A further element that may also be manufactured from marble are staircases. These are often the main hub in any home or building where they are installed, becoming the main centerpiece as shown in the example below.

Using Marble in Staircase:

Many uses of natural marble was discussed here. Marble can be easily molded in order to adopt different shapes or designs. Thanks to this feature, it can be used to create anything that our imagination can devise. We supply marble in different shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes. Feel free to contact us for technical info, prices and inquiries.

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