Niayesh Stone the Most Well-known Pietra Grey Marble Production Center in Iran

Niayesh Stone the Most Well-known Pietra Grey Marble Production Center in Iran


Niayesh Stone the Most Well-known Pietra Grey Marble Production Center in Iran


Niayesh Stone is one of the most well-known Pietra Grey Marble production center in Iran. To start with, let us take a brief view on Pietra Grey Marble. Pietra Grey Marble is a calcite grey marble. Uniform in appearance and compact, the tones of its base move very subtly between carbons and graphite. The alternation between very fine white streaks and barely perceptible linear slate-colored glazes provide animation and elegance.

Pietra Grey Marble Quarry

Pietra Gray Marble’s quarry is located in Isfahan province near Black Marble quarry and very close to our stone factory. Therefore, high-quality Blocks of Pietra Grey in the best price is ready to ship all year round. This quarry with 3000 tons of monthly extraction and reserves of about 360,000 tons in the next 10 years, is located in Lashotor area, in Isfahan province which is 35 kilometers south of Isfahan.

Quarry Name: Lashotor Quarry

Monthly Extraction: 3000 tons

Reserve: 360,000 tons


Niayesh Stone the Most Well-known Pietra Grey Marble Production Center in Iran
Niayesh Stone the Most Well-known Pietra Grey Marble Production Center in Iran


Pietra Grey Marble or Lashotor

Pietra Grey Marble lines are like domestic black and white roots, but the color is gray background, which is different from the dark black of black and white roots. Its gray tone is rendered: high-cold art, minimalist design, modern philosophy. The gentle, fashionable and simple use of gray comes to the product, giving the space an infinite beauty.

Pietra Grey Marble, its background color is gray, the layout is pure; the lines are simple and uniform, such as lightning-like white lines evenly distributed, the thickness and harmony are harmonious, so that the entire layout is clear and neat. Due to these features, the color matching and texture structure are very comfortable, simple and generous. Its appearance is simple, elegant and unique.

Persian Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble is one of the best Persian marbles with white veins. Pietra Grey Marble is a strong material with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates royalty. The advantages of Pietra Grey Marble are its resilience, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, and color.

General information on Pietra Grey Marble

  • It has a very good resistanceand is one of the most resistant building blocks against impact and pressure.
  • It has a low water absorptionand is very durable against heat and cold, and can be used in all conditions.
  • The Pietra Grey Marble is used more as a stone for facade.
  • Because its color does not disappear due to its not proximity to water and it is also has good price.
  • One of the shapes of this product in facade is Bush Hammered. Bush Hammered make low price for this stone and when used in floor, this can reduce the slider.

Pietra Grey Marble Applications

This grey marble fits perfectly in contemporary environments that wish to emphasize the use of natural stone. Pietra Grey offers dynamism to any space without renouncing to sobriety thanks to the chromatic balance between its dark background and the thin snow lines that run through it.

In modern architecture, the slabs of this stone are used in conference halls, reception halls, corridors, and so on. And also it have a key role in the design of modern toilets and bathrooms. With its dark color, it brings a special effect to the environment. Architects and designers of great prestige request it for the natural stone wall cladding and flooring both in interiors and exteriors, successfully adapting to luxury residential and hotel projects.

Niayesh Stone Pietra Grey Marble Production Center

Niayesh Stone offers Pietra Grey Marble in the dimensional way that is standard thickness. Ask about the finishes and textures available for this material. Check the maximum size per finish with commerce department. For special finishes, check availability and sizes. Most common finishing processes in Niayesh Stone include polished, honed, brushed finishes.

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