Pietra Grey Marble Introduction; a Brief Preview

Pietra Grey Marble Introduction; a Brief Preview

Pietra Grey Marble Introduction; a Brief Preview

In this paper, we aim to provide a short introduction for marvelous Pietra Grey Marble. Before going to the main subject, a brief description to marble etymology and physical origins will be very helpful. The word marble derives from Ancient Greek Term mármaron. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is consisted of recrystallized carbonates minerals mostly calcite and dolomite.

In geology, the expression and the world marble refers to metamorphosed limestone. Marble has many various applications. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and building material. Persian marble is known and included in many projects internationally. Grey Pietra favored in hotels, lobbies and residential projects is the center of discussion in this article.


Pietra Grey Marble Beauty

Iranian Grey Marble is known as a gorgeous marvelous marble, which carries a heavy sensation for both modern designers and old-fashioned classic marble advisors. In terms of appearance and visual charm, the beauty of natural world is truly sophisticated in Persian Grey Marble.

Persian Grey Marble is made up of muddy charcoal grey tones and white veins. Elegant, nostalgic and sober, the dark grey base of Pietra Grey Marble often accompanies by glazes in splendid, remarkable and anthracite shades.

For centuries, this marble has been noted for its uniform phenomenal graphite grey tones, as well as its thin white lines and veins that are scattered throughout the background texture. As a result, classification and sort of this marble is based on the background color and the number of white veins.


Origin of Pietra Grey Marble

The stunning marble originates from Iran. It is very dense and consistent marble. Its water absorption is low that makes it a perfect option for interior design. Thanks to its natural origins and elegance, Pietra Grey Marble allows builders and designers to create a wide range of environments with breathtaking unbeatable beauty and unique soul.


Grey Marble Charm

The secret of this marble lies in the staggering, incredible appearance of the nostalgic marble.  That’s probably the reason why Lashotor Grey Marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stone in construction and building industry.



Iranian Grey Marble Sophistication

Persian Grey Marble is ideal for spaces where one aims to opt for the application of dark natural stone, with no resorting to black. This is where grey marble with white veins comes to the mind of the designer. Iranian Grey Marble provides a high sense of sophistication to outstanding walls in large residential and hotel projects.


Pietra Grey Marble Introduction
Pietra Grey Marble Introduction; a Brief Preview

Local Name 

The local name for Pietra Grey Marble is LASHATOR MARBLE. The name Lashotor refers to the place and the region where the quarry is located. Geographically speaking, Pietra Grey Marble quarries are located in south of Isfahan and happily they very close to city. This have provided a huge chance for constant extraction of large quantities, that is 3000 tons of monthly extraction and reserves of about 360,000 tons per year.  


Persian Grey Marble Applications

Grey Pietra Marble is highly resistant and beautiful. Contractors apply this marble in interior walls and floors, lobbies, hotels, commercial and residential projects as well as step treads. Due to its darker tones, it is recommended only for use in areas with plenty of lighting and rather large in size. Still, it is truly common to be used in small toilets and bathrooms artistically. Being appreciated for its’ nostalgic sense this marble have been applied in most of the monuments in Isfahan city.


Facade of Buildings

After all, using this stone for the facade of buildings is not recommended. The reason is that the black color changes to grey due to sunlight. The accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time. Consequently, it may destroy the beautiful look of stone is one of the disadvantages of this marble.


Pietra Grey Marble Production Center

After many years activity as a professional marble manufacturer, Niayesh Stone offers various kinds of Pietra Grey Marble surface finishes to the customers. The products are processed and finished with advanced mechanical equipment and experienced technical workers. Niayesh Stone provides Gray Marble Blocks and Slabs on top quality and best price.


Grey Marble Surface Finishes

Pietra Grey Marble can be finished into various forms including Polished, Honed, Brushed, Bush-hammered, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted and Tumbled. Polished, honed and brushed Pietra Grey Marble slabs are the routine regular products in Niayesh Stone factory. More details regarding the features of each type of processing will be discussed in upcoming papers.


Main Advantages of Iranian Grey Marble

To close out this paper, this style of natural stone has been widely featured in famous, wealthy celebrity bathrooms and designs. The main advantages of Pietra Grey Marble are low water absorption and its’ greyish tonnage. Thanks to the marble grayish tone which is neutral, it can be easily combined with different furniture, tones and also materials.

To clarify more, think of this as an example. Pietra Grey table top can be combined with light beige colors, resulting in a cozy room space with a modern touch. It can also be combined with white, cream, silver and pink tones by modern innovative architectures and designers to bring a sense of happiness and brightness to the lives of people.


Factors Impacting Pietra Grey Marble Pricing

Persian Grey Marble price depends on the selection of raw material and the grade of marble. There are several parts of grey marble quarry with different qualities. Moreover, Pietra Grey Marble is mainly sorted based on the amount of chain, the background color darkness and height.

After all, this marble is to be classified and categorized in the group of feasible, reasonable luxury marble types. Depending of the projects’ budgets suggested prices may vary vastly. Niayesh Stone welcomes your inquiries and questions. Niayesh Stone Sales department would love to hear from you.

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