Reappearance of Pietra Grey

Reappearance of Pietra Grey


Reappearance of Pietra Grey

These days we’re hearing about Lashotor or Pietra Grey more than before. Pietra Grey marble is one of the ancient Iranian stones that has been used in most of the old and ancient buildings of Iran. 


Grey Marble in Ancient Times

In ancient times, this stone has been used in various places for making stone artifacts, home appliances and construction, paving bridges. The resistance of this stone to cold and heat and weather adversity has confirmed the authenticity and resistance of this stone over hundreds of years. Before the advent of stone-cutting factories, it was processed by Iranian sculpted artists in the form of block or sculpted stones and was used in the construction of buildings.


Request in Local Market

With the advent of stone-cutting factories, this stone was cut into slabs. And it was used as a polished or ax in the facades and paving of various buildings and places. Then, with the exploration and exploitation of various marbles in the market and changing the tastes of customers and builders, the consumption of stone became very small and it was mostly used as an ax for plinth, paving, stone table or making stone artifacts.


Reappearance of Pietra Grey
Reappearance of Pietra Grey


Lashotor or Pietra Grey Marble

While Lashotor did not have many customers in the domestic market of Iran and its mines were closing, in Italy. Italy mines had a stone similar to Lashotor stone. It was called Pietra Grey in Italian Petragri stone accounted for a major part of Italian stone exports. And this stone was welcomed by engineers and architects of the world and in their designs. They used Pietra Grey stone in various ways.

Lashotor Welcomed by the World

Pietra Grey or Lashotor Marble was welcomed by Steve Jobs , the founder of Apple. And it was used in the interior design of all its agencies in the world. Fortunately, in recent years, Iranian merchants, by consulting and introducing Pietra Grey marble in world markets, have been able to give new life to that stone and give it a special prosperity. The stone is made of Italian Pietra Grey stone.


Reappearance of Pietra Grey

After welcoming this stone in the world markets and using this stone in special and luxury projects in the world, Iranian engineers and architects also used this stone in their designs in stylish and luxurious buildings and therefore; nowadays we hear a lot about it.  


Supplying Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey is often processed and supplied in the form of slabs and honed, patterns, tumblers and bush hammers. It is used in different parts of the interior and exterior of the building, including the floor and walls.

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