Persian Grey Marble Has No Rivals in the World

Persian Grey Marble Has No Rivals in the World


Grey Persian Marble Has No Rivals in the World

Persian Grey Marble quarried from Lashotor Quarry creates a warm feeling. Stay with us, to learn more about this popular Iranian marble.


Persian Grey Marble

Grey Persian Marble is generally made up of charcoal tones with striking white-grey veins. The mix of greys, blacks and whites creates a warm tone. This warm tone balances the bright intensity of white marble with more black marbles. At Niayesh Stone, we offer a range of Grey Marble finishing styles.


Grey Persian Marble a Bold Choice

Persian Grey Marble is particularly popular and on-trend right now. Persian Grey Marble is an aesthetically pleasing, bold choice that appeals to designer and can work to create a warm and natural-feeling ambience. Grey Marble works in all areas of the house especially well in kitchen and bathrooms, with the darker Grey Marble styles creating a great contrast against variety of bath wares. The natural stone tones also pair wonderfully with the vibrant green of houseplants.



Grey Persian Marble

Persian Grey Marble is a stone with a grey background and sometimes very dark grey similar to black, white and irregular streaks and lines. Grey Persian Marble has a wonderful combination of a grey background with natural white and streaks. Deep and luminous at the same time, this grey marble has an enigmatic and complex personality because, despite emerging from a grey background, it transmits great light and vitality. The veins erupt with surprising blazes of color and flashes of life from the elegant background shattered by slashes of ice.




Grey Persian Marble Dimensions

Persian Grey Marble is processed in tile, slab and longitudinal dimensions. Polishability of this stone is excellent. It is one of the luxury stones and many architects and designers use this stone in special and luxury projects. One of the most important applications of Grey Persian Marble is to be used as a floor and body margin stone, elevator frame and lobby of luxury buildings.

This stone with a grey background creates a special charm for the interior and can be a good option for commercial, office and residential projects. This natural stone is the answer for those who are looking for unusual and surprising design solutions. Persian Grey Marble stone gives a special luxuriance and warmth to your building. And it can be used in all interior parts of the building. Quarry of Persian Grey Marble is located in Iran.


Niayesh Stone

Pietra Grey Marble has no rivals in the world. Other grey marbles such as Sky Grey are different in color and veins. Unlike many of the grey marbles in the market today, Pietra Grey Marble has a consistent rich grey color that is present throughout the entire selection. At Niayesh Stone, we are Iran’s leading supplier of marble slabs. We have a big stock, which is a wide selection of marble slabs, various grades at best prices, simply give us a call on 98 9134449317.

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